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Solving people puzzles throughout the entire employee life cycle

Success Dynamics Alliance is at the forefront of developing innovative psychometric products to help individuals and businesses achieve their goals.

SDA Psychometric Toolkit

Our toolset helps businesses and individuals achieve their full potential. Offered on subscription that includes training up to 2 client employees as Level 1 Analysts for in-house administration and 24/7 support from a dedicated SDA Senior Analyst.

Personality Profile Report
Emotional Intelligence Assessment
Job Role Assessment
Desire & Aptitude Indicator
Learning Abilities Indicator

SDA Consultancy Services

We offer a full range of internationally acclaimed consultancy services, which are exclusive to our clients only.

Team Dynamics Assessment
Training Services
Conflict Resolution and Arbitration
Benchmarking Studies

About us

Providing Human Resource Solutions

In every organization, it’s important to have the right people on board. Success Dynamics Alliance provides psychometric tools and techniques that you can apply to find the missing piece of your people puzzle.

Success Dynamics Alliance is at the forefront of developing innovative psychometric products to help individuals and businesses to achieve their goals.

We develop customized human resource programs and assessments to identify candidates’ or employees’ capabilities, personalities, behaviors, and motivations. With a sound understanding of the human element in the workplace, we let you build a dynamic and synergistic team that helps your company meet its goals.

Success Dynamics Alliance services are unlike other psychometric providers in that we have fully trained analysts in EVERY country in which we operate, meaning that our clients benefit from having an in-depth analysis that is just a phone call away or even instantly, when using our fully online interactive system.

Our tools are easy to administer; reports are generated instantly through our user-friendly online portal.

We provide intensive client support before, during and after rollout, backed by over 40 years of psychometric consulting experience.

Why Choose SDA

We Are Passionate about what we do!

Success Dynamics Alliance is committed to the delivery of a range of Psychometric services designed to ensure that businesses achieve the greatest benefit and productivity from the people they employ. We have been operating in the field of Psychometric evaluation for over 40 years and specialize in the design and supply of Psychometric tools and other tests, which are provided with full training and support. The founding premise underlying the development of our portfolio of products is based upon an innate appreciation of the fact that different human types are motivated by different things. Once we are able to identify what an employee’s individual motivators are, the task of managing that employee is both easier and commercially speaking, more profitable.

What others say about SDA

“I do dip in and out of your psychometric profiling to remind myself how I must try to deal with the various individuals in my team. I have just been looking at X’s profile again. He is stubborn, inquiring and doesn’t like change at all which is definitely reflective in your profiling of him. I regard the profiling as a very useful exercise and a tool I am using.”

Guy Parker, CEO Country Manager

“I am totally convinced that Personality Profile and job profiling has made an important contribution to our business development.”

Ken Edis, Managing Director, Edis Partnerships Ltd

“Over the many years I have used Personality Profile, I have found that the system has provided comprehensive information, improving with each update. Those who have taken part in the analysis, with exception on one occasion, agreed with 90% of the information contained in their individual report.”

Pamela Cowen (MIPD), Personnel and Staff Development Manager, Chamber of Commerce, Trade and Industry

Multiple clients have benefitted from our services

An Open Invitation to Chief Executives, Managing Directors and HR Professionals

Discover unique insights about you and how you behave in and out of the workplace. Just click the button and fill in the necessary details, and we will contact you when your report is ready. 

Greg Barnes
Chairman, Success Dynamics Alliance