Assertiveness Training

Developed by Success Dynamics Alliance, this intense training is a major team-building tool to be used within companies. It lasts for four days and three nights, and is designed for only eight people.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Training

This is designed to address the specific needs of an individual who may need to improve one or more aspects of his or her behavior.

Management-In-Transition (MIT) Program

This is a dynamic and interactive certified program intended for those who aspire to move into management, new managers in the role, and existing managers who wish to become more effective in their roles. It is particularly suitable for all types of sales management.

Sales Training

This two-day training course is designed for those who wish to move into sales and new or existing salespeople who wish to take their performance to a higher level. The course covers the following subjects:

An Open Invitation to Chief Executives, Managing Directors and HR Professionals

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Greg Barnes
Chairman, Success Dynamics Alliance