Coaching and Consultancy

Greg Barnes, SDA’s Chairman and CEO, heads our Coaching and Consultancy Division to help individuals and organizations develop their emotional intelligence, management, and leadership skills.

Benchmarking Studies

Ideal for organizations with large teams doing similar jobs, benchmarking uses a systematic approach to identify best practices in order to raise and maintain high performance standards for employees’ continuous improvement.

Team Dynamics Analysis

This uses a range of SDA psychometric tools to identify individuals required to form a new team for a particular task, project, or department. SDA will also use a similar range of tools when called upon to resolve a dysfunctional team or enhance the performance of an existing team.

Conflict Resolution and Arbitration

Using the SDA Psychometric Toolkit, our analysts can accurately pinpoint the factors and underlying behaviors that cause conflict. Once identified, conflict resolution is normally straightforward.

An Open Invitation to Chief Executives, Managing Directors and HR Professionals

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Greg Barnes
Chairman, Success Dynamics Alliance