Job Role Assessment (JRA)

The Job Role Assessment (JRA) measures the perception of an individual to a specific position. This tool assists organizations reach a consensus in identifying the right behavior necessary for a role.

The process starts by forming a commission of 3 to 5 members (not the incumbent) —executives, managers, supervisors, colleagues—who have intimate knowledge and understanding of a job role’s requirements. The JRA will then be administered to the individual, from which a combined picture story of the behavioral profile is created. The commission discusses the strengths and weaknesses based on this profile. Once satisfied they sign off on the profile, which will be used as the basis of hiring or succession planning.

Why It Is Important

This tool provides a clear-cut direction on what to look for when filling roles, whether during recruitment, promotion, training, and succession. It can help reduce HR-related costs and eliminate the risk of bad hires.

With the JRA as a baseline, the company can use the full suite of tools—Personality Profile Report, Emotional Quotient Assessment, Psychometric Structured Interview and the Desire and Aptitude Indicator—to determine if the individual is the right fit for the role, or if he or she would need further development to become more effective.

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Greg Barnes
Chairman, Success Dynamics Alliance