Psychometric Structured Interview (PSI)

This is a set of psychometric questions that allow the interviewer to gain more information about a candidate. It entails a systematic approach, typically with no right or wrong answers.

The interview can be incorporated into a Success Dynamics Alliance recruitment package and carried out by our analyst, or alternatively can be delivered ‘in-house’ by an HR director or similar. For certain roles, individual psychometric interviews can be created.

Why It Is Important

This tool helps assess important EQ elements in a candidate, including self-awareness, self-responsibility, self-insight, self-development, and maturity. Through the Psychometric Structured Interview (PSI), interviewers are quickly able to deduce whether or not the candidate is a suitable fit for the organization. This saves companies substantial time and money during the hiring process, and ensures that your organization need not re-recruit for that same position in a few months’ time.

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Greg Barnes
Chairman, Success Dynamics Alliance