How Can Psychometrics Help You

SDA employs a multifaceted approach, focusing on:

  • for individuals to learn more about themselves

  • for businesses to learn more about their own people

Our methodology, based on years of scientific research, provides an in-depth understanding of a person’s aptitude and behavior. Insights gained from psychometric tools and assessments allow organizations to put the right people in the right positions leading to their growth and development.

An Introduction to SDA

For Businesses

SDA can help your organization:

  • DURING HIRING – Psychometrics offers valuable insights on whether the applicant is a good match to the agreed profile, has the interpersonal skills necessary for the job role, and has the necessary desire for success.
  • UPON ONBOARDING – Regular psychometric assessments track an employee’s professional growth, identify training needs, and reveal potential problems that may hamper the individual’s development within the company.
  • WITHIN TEAMS – Success Dynamics Alliance helps your business develop synergistic teams, ensuring optimal productivity and profitability.

For Individuals

Success Dynamics Alliance can help you stay ahead of the competition with:

  • PERSONAL PSYCHOMETRIC REPORT – Get insights into your personality from our expert analysts, and learn how you can maximize your potential in your professional and personal life.
  • BESPOKE TRAINING/COACHING ATTUNED TO YOUR GOALS – Our analysts map out a training system based on your aspirations and implement a course that may include classroom-based theory sessions, interactive sessions, or role-playing sessions.

For more information on how you can benefit from our services, email us at or call +632-8801-8279.

An Open Invitation to Chief Executives, Managing Directors and HR Professionals

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Greg Barnes
Chairman, Success Dynamics Alliance